Monday, February 1, 2016

Cut it out Monday - Valentine #2 - Valentine's Mailbox

Hello everybody.
So first things first there are only 13 more days left to shop Valentine's day. Weather your shopping for that special someone or for yourself (because you know you always give yourself the best gifts lol) you don't have a lot of time left. 
Alright now that that's over with on to today's project. I love being able to do something fun for my family on V-day and a couple of years ago I found some really cute metal mailboxes and knew that those would be perfect. Every year (well this was started after our youngest turned 3 which is when I found that mailboxes) I fix dinner and have the table all set then I place their mailboxes (filled) in front of where they sit. We have a lovely dinner and after the kids, as well as hubby, get to open their mail. The kids love it, I think hubby does too. But I have notice as they get bigger (or into things that come bigger) things don't always fit in their mailbox. So this year I thought I would make bigger ones using my Cricut Explorer. Now I will say I should have done a test run to see how big they would be but I didn't think about that I was just to excited to make them and it turned out so cute. 
I used 12x12 red card stock with a piece of pink scrap for the heart. The mailbox is from the Tags Bags Boxes and More 2 cartridge and there is the once piece image (which is what I used here) and one that has the mailbox in two piece (which is what I should have used lol). For the heart all I did was slice in into the flag and the add the pink before gluing it together. I also used strong tape to hold everything together.
 I do think how ever that this would be a great size mailbox for a class room. The kids can put their Valentine cards inside or a small sucker (about the size of a dum dum)/piece of candy. These would also be great to give to neighbor kids or any neighbor for that matter. I can see putting some home made goodies in this to give to our neighbors. 
I now know for next time to either make one to see how big it will be once assembled or go for the two piece one. Thank you all for joining my second project in my Valentine Mini Series. See you soon with another project and have a great day.

Happy Crafting.

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