Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby Shower Nameplate

Hello everyone. Sorry there was no video or anything last week i was getting things ready so we could head out of town for the weekend. Hubby was able to go with us so that meant no one would be home to clean (even though it really should have been done anyways lol).

On to this project. This is something I saw on Pinterest and it is going to be a 2 part project. I had most of this stuff on hand already it was just a matter of finding the letters and picking out all the detail stuff. This was a day project once I started working on it but I did take a week and a half from finding everything to finish. The only thing left to do (other than the second project) is to figure out how I want the to hang it.
I got the plaque at Micheals and the letters fro Joann's. I painted the plaque with just some white paint I had in my garage. The letter I used some light purple paper (the same purple I am using for the shower) to cover them but did not like the look of the wood on the edges so I used a acrylic paint from Michaels (lilac dust is the color) for the sides but goofed and got some on the paper so I used some Lilac Mist paint color which matched the paper to cover up where I goofed. I gave them 3 coats just to insure a nice coverage. I then (after 24 hours drying time) went over the letters with my clear Wink of Stella glitter. I glued them down with my quick-dry adhesive. I used some ribbon from my stash that was the perfect size for the edges and just some flower bling for the corners.

The standing monkey is from Create a Critter. I just made him 1.5 inches tall added the earrings and bow just like on the bigger monkeys. I then added a flower for just a little some special.

I am hoping to get part two done here in the next week or so (my oldest is off this week for spring break so i might let them help me prep). Thank you so much for joining me.

Happy Crafting

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby Shower It's A Girl" Banner

Welcome back everyone. How have you been adjusting to the time change? I think we (well me and my husband I don't think the kids care or notice much) have finally adjusted. Sunday was kind of a blah day and Monday just seem to pass us by. But I think everything has finally smoothed out. 

I hope you are enjoying this series I know I am. This banner was a bit of a pain, at least planning it was. I have been working on it for about a week or so trying to figure out how to incorporate all of the colors and after a bit of Internet inspiration i figured it out. I have to say this looks really cool. 

For the onesies I found it in the Cricut Craft Room Basics font, the brown is under the font1shadow tab and the purple is under the basic tab. I sized them to be 5 inches tall. The letters is from Kate's ABC Cartridge and I just use the babygirlfont2shadow (they had nice soft looking edges) and sized them to 2.5. I then cut them out in pink. I just glued everything together with my quick-dry adhesive. I then took some white ribbon from my stash for the line and some small clothes pins to hang the onesies on. 
I think it turned out so stinkin cute. 
Thank you so much for joining me. I look forward to hearing, well reading, your comments.

Happy Crafting

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baby Shower Monkey Holding Balloons Decoration

Hello everyone. So my week of no baby shower projects was great. I did buy a few things for some projects but did not make anything (well I did make a few more of the invitations but nothing new). I did get my room in a little better shape (I still NEED to vacuum though), down sizing some and moving so things around, I will share everything once I have finished or in April which ever comes first. I the process of cleaning I found the paper I had been looking for at all the craft store (i may have mentioned this in my invitation share) it was hiding in some other paper needless to say I did not need to buy the other paper but did not know it (I did look for the original color in my stash) oh well right lol. 

Anyways on to today's project. I thought it would be fun to have the same monkey I used on the invitations to hold the balloons i was planning on using at the door of where that baby shower is going to be. I just make it as big as I could. So in this video I show you from start to finish how I did this. I also wanted to make these so that they could be hung in the babies room after the shower. I plan to have at least two of these but not sure if they are going to be front and back or just this one side (I will know more after i see the place in person at the end of the month).
This one just shows you the size compared to a 12 inch ruler.
I have not quite worked out how to attach the balloons with out the worry of the card stock ripping other that a small tube (like a straw or something) behind the hand and foot this the string running through those so the balloons them self will be held down with a weight. I will be posting pictures of everything I made all set up after the shower. 

Thank you so much for joining me.
Happy Crafting