Friday, September 30, 2016

To die for Friday - Birthday Shaker Shaped Card

     Good Morning to you on this beautiful Friday. I hope you guys have some fun plans for the weekend. I don't have anything  going on really, Hubby has the UFC thing to go to on Saturday and if the weather is nice me and the kids will be doing some yard work. I also plan to do a little crafting but other then those things not a big busy weekend for us. My oldest birthday is coming up next week (she is turning 12) and I wanted to make her a fun card. So that's what this card is all about.

     I used all Lawn Fawn dies for this card. I used the largest circles from both the Stitched Circles and Stitched Circles Frames. I use the Stitched Circle to die cut my card base. This was a tough job only because I use 110 lbs cardstock for my base. It took a bit to get it to cut (I ran it through my machine a few times to make sure it cut all the way through) but it was worth it. It left a faint stitched impression on the inside of the card (I forgot to take a picture of it and I have already written inside the card). I then too the same die and cut out the background pattern paper which is from Doodlebugs 6x6 Sugar Shoppe paper pad. The Stitched Frames and the Happy Birthday sentiment is also cut from 110 lbs cardstock. For the sentiment I used my B06 copic marker to color it. I like the way it looks but now that I am looking at it in the picture I think white would have worked too. 
     I used the stitched circle die to also cut out a piece of transparency for the window and glued that onto the back the the frame. I use two layers of foam tape so I could really fill this with lots of these pretty confetti bits. They are Hearts and Stars in different colors I just cant remember where I got them. Once I had the amount I wanted in the center of the pattern paper I placed the frame onto and sealed it all up. 

     I then used my ATG tape runner to adhere the shaker to the card base. I really like who this turned out and I know my daughter will love it. Thank you all so much for going me and I will see you back here for the first Halloween project for the year. 

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What What Wednesday - We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool

     Good Morning to all my crafty friends. How are you on this fine day? I am having a pretty good morning. My oldest got up early this morning to head off to her first band practice. I got some good sleep so hopefully my day will move a long well. I am a bit behind in not only my house cleaning but in getting videos done so I am hoping to get caught up on these over the next few days and this weekend. Let us get to today's post. 

     I have had the fuse tool sitting here in my craft room for months still in the box and i thought it was time to use it. So I did a little review (or at least my thoughts on it) and share a small project along with it. I bought a pack of 100 Crayola Color Pencils to have with all my coloring books (I wanted some cheap color pencils for the coloring books easier to replace if lost or stolen by my kids lol) and wanted to have a color chart with them so I can see what the exact color will look like. But I knew that if I just left the paper in the pencil case then it would get all marked up so this is where the fuse tool comes in handy. 
     There are two zippers on this pencil case and each zipper opening holds 60 color pencil (30 per side) which means this case holds up to 120 colored pencils. I made these color charts using Cricut Design Space. Each side has 30 pencils and I have it set up so that this just flips over like a page in a book and all the colors line up to the places the pencils are.In the pack of color pencils I got there turned out to only really be 60 colors with 40 doubles (these are the colors they think get used the most) I keep the extras in the back zipper along with a few other colors that I picked up. I like having them sealed like this, it makes things easier to keep clean. I just wanted to show you these Now about the Fuse Tool.
     I was very impress with this tool. I not sure how long it took to heat up (I started it then went and got a few other things done while I waited) but once it was heated up it was not HOT. I could feel some heat if my hand was right over the tip but the handle was not hot and it did warm up the room (I was gone for about 15-30 minutes and sometimes having the heat gun on for 5 can warm up a room). I sealed things up nicely and the seal was cool to the touch with in seconds which is nice. I am so glad i finally got this and can see my self using it for all kinds of things. Thank you guys for joining me and I hope you have a great rest of your day and a wonderful week.

Happy Crafting

Friday, September 23, 2016

To die for Friday - Graduation Inspired Card

Welcome to another To die for Friday post. 
     I hope you have a good week or at least better then mine. I am so looking forward to this week being over its just has not been fun. I learned the hard way why you don't send clear stamp through your die cutting machine. Lesson learned and I will be keeping a better eye on my stamps that's for sure.

     Anyways lets get to today's card. I had planed to use the idea can to get the theme for this card since I had a stack of dies I want to use but could not decide which one or how. But once I had filmed me pulling the theme out I realized I for got to record so i put it back and turned on the camera and managed to pick the same theme. I then stopped the recording so I could get things ready to make the video and not sure what happened but the footage was not there when I went to check it. So I just filmed the card video and did not try to rerecord picking a theme since I liked the idea I had going through my mind. The theme was Graduation and that what I went with although you could use this for just about anything. 
     I used a lot of different dies for this card all Lawn Fawn. This is a kind of one layer card, everything was cut out of the gray background except for the star. I wanted that to look like it is shooting off the card. This is 110 lbs cardstock card base cut to 4.5x9 to make a top folding 4.5x4.5 square card and I went with a black white and gray color scheme with just a little pop of color. The dies I used was Lawn Fawn's Shooting Star, Simple Puffy Clouds, Stitched Square Frames and the stamps are from Lucky Stars. I stamped everything using my mini misty tool and Versafine Onyx Black ink. I used copic C5 (I think) to color the tail of the shooting star so it would stand out from the gray background. 
     I left the inside mostly empty so there is plenty of room to write a message but I did add and extra gold star that I had just to give the inside a little something. I am really happy with the way this card turned out (even if i did ruin the stamp I was planning on use). I think this would also work as a birthday card or even a card to just cheer someone up.I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here for another post on Monday.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What What Wednesday - My Inspirational Idea Cans

     Guess what day it is? Its Hump day and you know what that means. Only two more days until the weekend and another What What Wednesday post. I am looking forward to this weekend our youngest daughter is going to be doing her first Jiu Jitsu Competition on Saturday. She is super excited to do this to and we are very proud of her. 

     But enough about me and what i have going on lets dive into today's project. one of the other lady's I follow on YouTube share her idea can and how she plan to use it and I though that this would be a great idea to use thinks in your craft room might might not use as much. I took that idea it went a step farther. I sometimes struggle with coming up with card ideas (unless there is a specific reason to make a card or project) so I thought I would make two cans on for themes and one for products/embellishments to use. This not only will have me using things I may not have used in a long while but also get out of the routine of making the same kids of cards/projects that I have been so comfortable with. I happen to have some old cans sitting in my back room (well I had them for this exact reason) that would be perfect for my inspirational cans. 
     The tall one was a baby formula can and the other was an Almond Rocha can. I covered then in some cardstock that was in my scraps bin. I used some letters that I already had cut out from Lawn Fawns Capital and Lower Case ABC's Die. I used some Scotch Quick-Dry Glue for everything.

     I named this can Fun Ideas since it has all the themes in it from Baby Showers to Anniversary to Sympathy as well as seasons and Holidays (I am hoping to also start my scrapbooking back up which is part of the reason to have those in there too). I made it the small can since I don't think I will be adding to many more themes to this can. I just added a heart to the top and the front for just a little something.
     The taller can having all my extra goodies in it seemed fitting to call it Fun Extras because after all that's what you add to the cards and projects right a little something extra. I image I will be adding more projects in to it as I get more goodies so it seemed fitting to use the taller can. There is all kinds of stuff in this can. I have pieces of paper that say stamps only (which just means I am not using any dies with them), I have stamp companies names in there so I would only being using that companies product. Then there's the many different coloring medias I have as well as all the embellishments that I own. I even add the punch I have as well as the Spellbinder dies. I may pick out anywhere from 1 - 3 maybe more depending on how much I want to challenge myself. 
     The rainbow was left over pieces from a birthday banner I did two years ago for a friend's daughters first birthday. It was either from the Lawn Fawn Rainbow die or something I cut out with my Cricut (not sure which really). I also covered the top (forgot to take a picture of that) with some of the same blue and then just add some clouds. This helps cover the words on the lid so you wont have to see any of that if I have this in a film.
     This here is just showing you where I keep the cans. This is on a shelf right about my desk, in fact you can see the mount for my camera right there. So its easy to get to without having to get out of my chair which is nice because then I am more likely to use it if they are close at hand.

     I am hoping this will be just another fun way to making more projects and videos with out feeling stressed or rushing at the last minute to get some things done. Thank you for joining me and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and week. Here is the link to the video of the lady who gave me the idea for these.

Happy Crafting

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cut it out Monday - "I'm Late" Birthday Card

Happy Monday!

     I hope you all had a fun weekend. Did you do anything crafty over the weekend? I sadly did not I also didn't get the yard work done like I wanted it rained all day Saturday and we had a few errands to finish up on Sunday.  Oh well maybe I will trying and get some stuff done this week if it not to cold and crappy out.

     Anyways I guess we should just dive right in to today's project. In my last Monday's post I shared the card I made for my husband. I might have mentioned that my mother in laws birthday was a couple of days before his and that I made her a card as well. I knew at the time of making this card it was not going to be getting to her in time. I wanted to make something that fits the belated birthday idea and thought about the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (cartoon version) and that that would be perfect. I let the kids pick which of the white rabbit images they like the best and this is the one they chose.
     He was not a simple card to out together but I think he turned out great. He is a shape card (the youngest wanted a pink card but I didn't like the pink around the rabbit so I just took the same piece I used to make the card base and cut one out in white. This also gives a little more strength to the card for mailing.  I thought I had taken a picture of the inside and I wanted to share what I wrote inside on the clock "We're Late, We're Late for a very important Birthday!" I really hope she likes it. Thanks for joining me and have a great Monday.

Happy Crafting

Friday, September 16, 2016

To die for Friday - Narwhal and Friends

Happy Friday!

     So any big plans for your weekend? Nothing big going on here just going to be doing some yard work before the weather gets to cold. I has been really nice this last week so I figured we should get some done to make things easier next year to get our yard looking good. I do hope you had a good week as well. 

     For today's die cut project I thought it would be fun to take a look at the new Narwhal and Friends die from Lawn Fawn. Its so cute and there are so many ways to use it. I had a lot of fun playing around with it. I cut everything out and then I keep every piece that came out of the dies to see just how far i can take this die. Here is a look at them all.

     Aren't they just the cutest little creatures ever, my kids wanted to play with them. I think these would be fun to have kids put together. 

     This one I just used two different shades of blue cardstock as well as some black for his face.

     Here I thought it would be fun to give him a little shadow. So I took the solid die cut and cut that out in black and then just off set it a little so it would have a small shadow. I cut him out of a pale purple color.
     This little guy I turned in to the narwhal. I wanted him to be white but have just a little color to him so I used first took the solid die cut piece in black and glued that in place and took the eyes that get cut out of the purple whale and just glued those inside but left his mouth black. Then I took the cheeks in purple along with the tummy and glued those in place. I thought about having a purple horn but then I thought how cute would it be if he had a to-tone horn. So i just cut along the score line so I knew it would fit and glued it in place. 
     For this one I wanted to turn him into a seal. I just took the solid black piece I then glued on the white snout and tummy. I thought it would be fun to see what he would look like with googly eyes too. I then add the hat to finish him off. 
     For this seal I gave him blue eyes a black tummy and use the piece that gets cut out of the snout to his face. Now while I was playing around with these little guys I had a thought.
     This could be used as a ghost. So that's what I did. I trimmed off on of the fins and then just stuck him to the blue card stock here just to see how it would look. I think he makes a very cute ghost and would be great for popping out of a house or something like that.

     I told you there are just so many fun ways you can use this die set. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did. Now enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here for another project.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What What Wednesday - Krafts Inventory App review

Happy Wednesday all! 

     How has your week been going? I hope it's gone okay so far. I have been busy getting the house work done as well as getting some projects done and making a list of more projects I want to get done before the weather gets to cold. 

     I wanted to share with you guys an app I have been using for a while. I have been trying to find a way to keep my inventory of my crafty goodies on hand but a book was just not working anymore.  So I search the web and came across a video someone had posted about this app. I knew just by watching her use it this was what I had been looking for. I don't buy apps (mostly because I don't want to spend the money and then find out I don't like the app) but I figured that this was going to be worth the $2.99 (if I remember right that was the prices) even if it wasn't all I was hoping for. So I took the plunge and bought it and I just love it. I am still playing around with it and trying to get things in there that I don't want to buy doubles on or of things that I use the most and run out of so I can just have them marked in there and check anytime I am in a craft store to see if there is something I am out or or running low on that I need to replace. I love the idea of having this on my phone since my phone is always with me and I don't always think to update my book and put it back in my purse. not to mention on any kind of road trips this will be one less this to remember to pack.

     So if you are looking for a great way to keep track of your crafting goodies and want something that can easily go anywhere with you then check this app out. 

Happy Crafting

Monday, September 12, 2016

Cut it out Monday - Superman Symbol Birthday Card

     Hello all and welcome back. It is so good getting back to crafting and making videos. I have really missed it this summer. The kids are back in school which is nice and my house is cleaner then it has been in a long while. I am also getting back to filming more now that I seem to have more time. So lets jump right on in with today's card.

     I always seem to have a hard time finding (or even making) a card for my husband. He's not really a handy man (but he does do something like that around the house) so tool cards do really fit him and I can't always make a game controller card every year. So I try to think about all the things he is into and he is a big superhero fan and he has a rash guard that he likes to wear while doing Jiu Jitsu and its pink with the Superman Logo on it. I thought that would be a fitting card to make since his gift was going to be tickets to the UFC that's coming to Portland. 

     I made two different sizes because I could not make up my mind which size I liked better. I use the Superman cricut cartridge and found the matching colors in my cardstock stash. 
     This is a simple card to make I just took the back piece and made two copies of it. I then flipped one of them and welded it to the other piece to make my card base which I cut out in black. I then took the one remaining copy and made it a bit smaller so it would fit inside that card so there was a place to write. 
     I used the Happy Birthday Stamp from Lawn Fawns So Much to Say stamp set and it fit nicely inside the bigger card. 

     I really just love how simple this card is and easy to put together. Sometimes with my days simple is just want I need. Thank you all for joining me and look out for my next project. 

Happy Crafting

Monday, September 5, 2016

Life Update 2016

Good Afternoon all. Happy Monday and Labor day.

     How was everyone's summer? Mine seem to just blow by. once again July was the crazy month for me and i would really like it if it did not become a tradition next year lol. 

     Anyways I just want to give you guys an update as to where I was and what is to come not that school is starting. I am looking forward to it but sad that summer is over. 

Happy Crafting