Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My only Valentine's Day card

Hi everyone. I wanted to hop on here to just say how sorry I am that I did not get any Valentine's Day cards done like I wanted. After my last posted my best friend and I made plans for her and her kids to come visit us over Valentine's weekend. So there was a lot of getting the house ready for a 7 month old who figured out to move (not crawling on her hands and knees yet but she does not how to use her hands to pull her forward) not to mention that I had to clean the craft room so I could set up the air mattress for her to sleep on. So by the time it was the day she was coming and I was blowing up the bed I had realized that nothing happened craft wise. But we had a great time, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for our v-day lunch on Sunday (because it was a 1 1/2 to 2 hour wait when we went on Saturday at about 4 pm), then we took my girls and got their ears pierced. I was so happy that they came to visit us it was sad to see them leave. Even thought I didn't make any cards for v-day this year I did want to share with you the card I made for my friend (same one would came to visit) so she could pack it in her husbands sea bag. 

He (just like my husband) is a big gamer geek and his favorite is Legends of Zelda. So she asked me to make him a card with Link on it. This was all back in Nov 2014. I did have a hard time finding a image of him that I liked or that printed out nice a clean looking. Then there was finding the right sentiment for it. Now after spending a couple of days googling v-day card ideas I finally decided on use the image of Link as part of the sentiment. 
I used my prisma color pencils to color him in and then just use some gamsol to blend out some of the lines left by the coloring. Once that was done I just cut him out. I stamped the first part of the sentiment with some Lawn Fawn alphabet stamps ( not sure which now) with versafine black ink on the red card stock then just turned it into a banner.
 For the inside of the card I wanted to do something different so I found this template for a popup pixel Valentines card (click on the link for the template) and thought that this would be so cute for the inside. I then just took some red card stock to cover the white to really make it look nice. I used some Lawn Fawn alphabet dies (can't remember which ones now) to cut out the letter out of some light green card stock to match Link's clothes. Then just left some space for her to write him a message.
 This is what it looks like for the side.
I used some shimmery silver cardstock as my card base and just rounded the corners to finish it off. I love the way it turned out and he likes it as well which is always nice to hear. 

Thanks you so much for joining me. Now that my room is back together I am looking forward to getting some crafting done. 

Happy Crafting

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

First Haul for 2015

Welcome back guys. How is everyone doing so far in 2015? Things here have just been crazy busy for us. My hubby left for Japan in January and will be back sometime in April (but have the exact date yet) so its just me and the girls. Thankfully my family is only 3 hours away other wise i would go nuts. I don't get out much during the day (there just never seems to be enough time even once both kids are in school) and then at night it is only for like an hour on Mondays and Wednesdays when the girls are in Jiu Jitsu (both are now in the class). You would think that this would then give me more time to craft but no once the oldest is gone I am having my breakfast and then cleaning. Then when the little one is on the bus I am having my lunch (while enjoying my shows) I might get an hour in to maybe do something in my space but if I do I don't get anywhere because I have to stop to go pick up the kids. Then its home for homework followed by cooking dinner then its either jiu jitsu or cleaning up from dinner then baths with beds time right behind (sometimes they want to put make up or nail polish on me for bed time) then if I haven't cleaned up shortly after we are done with dinner (which only happens on class nights) once they are in bed I do that. The next thing I know is I am sitting down to relax and I see its 10:00 pm and my turn to go to bed and start this all over again. It has been so long since I have had to do this stuff on my own that it takes some time getting into that mode where i can do it all and still find the time for me. 

Anyways (sorry for the rambling) on to the task at hand. So I thought I would start off 2015 with a haul. This video took me all day to do. I got a new camera for Christmas and just love it but it only records 20 minutes intervals (it will continuously record but there is a slight pause at 20 minutes then it starts again) and cuts me off a bit so I had to figure that out. Then there was the loading it on to my computer and trying to get the editing done (not sure I like the software that comes with it may just have to really play around with it), then it took the rest of the day to save. But that's fine I now know what it takes to make a video and can just around that. Again with the rambling lol. 

I did look and I saw that I am only a couple of subscribers on my YouTube channel away from 200 and let me just say how excited I am. I never would have thought that in just over a year I would already be at 200 (well just shy of that) subscribers. I want to thank you all so much for sticking in there with me and welcome to all my new subscribers. I am going to be doing some kind of giveaway when I do hit 200 so keep an eye out for that. I am hoping to get more cards and projects going here very soon. Thank you all so much for joining me now sit back and enjoy.  

Happy Crafting