Friday, October 30, 2015

To Die For Friday - Frankenstein & Ghost Goodie Bags

Happy Friday.
I am so looking forward to the weekend. We get two no alarm days in a row. Speaking of alarms for forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday (or Saturday night before going to bed). Besides the no alarm days we are going to be busy. Saturday hubby is help his friend move the gym to their new location then we will be heading out to get a new bed. And of course we will be going Trick or Treating. Sunday is grocery shopping and laundry and both days we will be cleaning the house (I kinda neglected it the this week) as well as taking down the Halloween decorations. But should be a fun weekend.

Now on to today's project. I made these cute goodie bags using the Lawn Fawn Goodie Bag die. First I made Frankenstein. I used some green card stock for the bag. I then took the die and some black card stock and die cut out the top part of the bag for his hair. I used Spellbinders Standard Circles (a mix between the small and large dies) for his eye and I have him looking up like he is trying to see what going in the bag. I used the copic marker multi liner in the size 0.5 for his mouth. I used my zippen for the hair and eyes but red line tape for the bag. You want a strong hold for the side of the bag.
For the ghost i wanted to do something different instead of white card stock I decided to use vellum. I mean Ghost are kinda transparent so why not right. I did to passes through my die cutting machine to get all the score lines to show up well. It cut out beautifully. Once everything was folded I used red line tape to hold that bag together (you cant even tell in the picture can you). For the eyes I used the same size circles as I did for Frankenstein but the month is cut out with the smallest size oval from Spellbinders Classic Ovals Small. I now know why vellum is not used much for dies like this, It can be a bit of a pain to fold. But I do really love the way the ghost turned out. I love that you can just see what's in the bag. 
These are just so much fun and easy to put together. If there was more time I would have made a bunch of these and handed them out filled with candy. Also a great idea for any Halloween Party.
Thank you so much for joining me and I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween. See you back here Monday.

Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting.

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