Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What What Wednesday - My Two Plum Paper Planners & How I Use Them

     Welcome back everyone.
     I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years. We didn't do much New Years Eve the kids where up at my parents. We did run a few errands that day but once we got home it was time for comfy clothes and a movie. We rang in the New Year playing Heads Up it was so much fun. New Years Day on the other hand was not fun. We headed up to Washington to meet my parents and get the kids but about 45 minutes away from where we where going to meet up we had a flat tire. The only thing that was bad about getting the flat (well in my opinion that day don't ask hubby how he felt about it) was that where we pulled over to check/change the tire it was snow and had been for a while. So getting on the ground was not an easy idea to want to do. But thankfully we had pulled over by a store and I slowly walked over (it was very slippery) to get hubby some gloves and a tarp to lay on or kneel on if needed. We also found out that we have a doughnut of a spare and not a full size tire which made the trip back home long and slow. I am really excited to be back to getting videos and projects made. It will be slow going as we get back into our school routine but still excited.
      Anyways on to today's post the first one in the new year. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys how I keep myself (for the most part) organized. I am a list maker and have found that as my days get busier with the kids school stuff, after school stuff and hubby's stuff, if I don't write something down I forget. So I found that a planner worked well for me in being able to just have everything written down for everyone. I have been using a Plum Paper Planner for 2 years now. I did have some struggles at first but once I found planner peace I knew I would be sticking with it. I have two planners one for everyday things (me. kids hubby house that sort of thing) and then I have just a monthly one that I use for my crafting. 

     I thought it would be easiest to make a video and share both planners then to try and put it all out on here. Under the video I will have links to where I got the planner as well as my favorite places to by the stamps that I use in them and places I get my stickers and other fun planner related items. I am sorry it is so long but I wanted to really give you guys a good look at the planners. 

Happy Crafting (or in this case Planning)

Links to everything

Plum Paper Design:
Sweet Stamp Shop:
Studio L2E:
Lawn Fawn:
Little Pixie Paperie Etsy shop:
This Very Craft Mama Etsy Shop:
Sassy Sticker Co:

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