Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What What Wednesday - We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool

     Good Morning to all my crafty friends. How are you on this fine day? I am having a pretty good morning. My oldest got up early this morning to head off to her first band practice. I got some good sleep so hopefully my day will move a long well. I am a bit behind in not only my house cleaning but in getting videos done so I am hoping to get caught up on these over the next few days and this weekend. Let us get to today's post. 

     I have had the fuse tool sitting here in my craft room for months still in the box and i thought it was time to use it. So I did a little review (or at least my thoughts on it) and share a small project along with it. I bought a pack of 100 Crayola Color Pencils to have with all my coloring books (I wanted some cheap color pencils for the coloring books easier to replace if lost or stolen by my kids lol) and wanted to have a color chart with them so I can see what the exact color will look like. But I knew that if I just left the paper in the pencil case then it would get all marked up so this is where the fuse tool comes in handy. 
     There are two zippers on this pencil case and each zipper opening holds 60 color pencil (30 per side) which means this case holds up to 120 colored pencils. I made these color charts using Cricut Design Space. Each side has 30 pencils and I have it set up so that this just flips over like a page in a book and all the colors line up to the places the pencils are.In the pack of color pencils I got there turned out to only really be 60 colors with 40 doubles (these are the colors they think get used the most) I keep the extras in the back zipper along with a few other colors that I picked up. I like having them sealed like this, it makes things easier to keep clean. I just wanted to show you these Now about the Fuse Tool.
     I was very impress with this tool. I not sure how long it took to heat up (I started it then went and got a few other things done while I waited) but once it was heated up it was not HOT. I could feel some heat if my hand was right over the tip but the handle was not hot and it did warm up the room (I was gone for about 15-30 minutes and sometimes having the heat gun on for 5 can warm up a room). I sealed things up nicely and the seal was cool to the touch with in seconds which is nice. I am so glad i finally got this and can see my self using it for all kinds of things. Thank you guys for joining me and I hope you have a great rest of your day and a wonderful week.

Happy Crafting

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