Monday, September 19, 2016

Cut it out Monday - "I'm Late" Birthday Card

Happy Monday!

     I hope you all had a fun weekend. Did you do anything crafty over the weekend? I sadly did not I also didn't get the yard work done like I wanted it rained all day Saturday and we had a few errands to finish up on Sunday.  Oh well maybe I will trying and get some stuff done this week if it not to cold and crappy out.

     Anyways I guess we should just dive right in to today's project. In my last Monday's post I shared the card I made for my husband. I might have mentioned that my mother in laws birthday was a couple of days before his and that I made her a card as well. I knew at the time of making this card it was not going to be getting to her in time. I wanted to make something that fits the belated birthday idea and thought about the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (cartoon version) and that that would be perfect. I let the kids pick which of the white rabbit images they like the best and this is the one they chose.
     He was not a simple card to out together but I think he turned out great. He is a shape card (the youngest wanted a pink card but I didn't like the pink around the rabbit so I just took the same piece I used to make the card base and cut one out in white. This also gives a little more strength to the card for mailing.  I thought I had taken a picture of the inside and I wanted to share what I wrote inside on the clock "We're Late, We're Late for a very important Birthday!" I really hope she likes it. Thanks for joining me and have a great Monday.

Happy Crafting

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