Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baby Shower Picture Video

Hello everyone, 
So I have been promising to get picture of the baby shower up and I finally have a minute where I was able to load them on to my computer and then turn them into a movie. The shower was a success the only hiccup was that I got pulled over on the base (she lives on a military base) for a burnt out brake light. No ticket just a little bit of a bummer to be stopped. I had so much fun making stuff and throwing the shower. My friend Ashley is only weeks away from having Miss Shilo and I cant wait to meet her. 

Some of the pictures are of the items I have already shared but thought a recap was in order so you could see everything all at once. Sorry I am not showing a here but there were a lot of pictures i even had to cut a few out of the video so is not to make it really long. I will have links below the video of the items I have done a video on so you can check them out if you want. 

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