Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby Shower It's A Girl" Banner

Welcome back everyone. How have you been adjusting to the time change? I think we (well me and my husband I don't think the kids care or notice much) have finally adjusted. Sunday was kind of a blah day and Monday just seem to pass us by. But I think everything has finally smoothed out. 

I hope you are enjoying this series I know I am. This banner was a bit of a pain, at least planning it was. I have been working on it for about a week or so trying to figure out how to incorporate all of the colors and after a bit of Internet inspiration i figured it out. I have to say this looks really cool. 

For the onesies I found it in the Cricut Craft Room Basics font, the brown is under the font1shadow tab and the purple is under the basic tab. I sized them to be 5 inches tall. The letters is from Kate's ABC Cartridge and I just use the babygirlfont2shadow (they had nice soft looking edges) and sized them to 2.5. I then cut them out in pink. I just glued everything together with my quick-dry adhesive. I then took some white ribbon from my stash for the line and some small clothes pins to hang the onesies on. 
I think it turned out so stinkin cute. 
Thank you so much for joining me. I look forward to hearing, well reading, your comments.

Happy Crafting

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