Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baby Shower Monkey Holding Balloons Decoration

Hello everyone. So my week of no baby shower projects was great. I did buy a few things for some projects but did not make anything (well I did make a few more of the invitations but nothing new). I did get my room in a little better shape (I still NEED to vacuum though), down sizing some and moving so things around, I will share everything once I have finished or in April which ever comes first. I the process of cleaning I found the paper I had been looking for at all the craft store (i may have mentioned this in my invitation share) it was hiding in some other paper needless to say I did not need to buy the other paper but did not know it (I did look for the original color in my stash) oh well right lol. 

Anyways on to today's project. I thought it would be fun to have the same monkey I used on the invitations to hold the balloons i was planning on using at the door of where that baby shower is going to be. I just make it as big as I could. So in this video I show you from start to finish how I did this. I also wanted to make these so that they could be hung in the babies room after the shower. I plan to have at least two of these but not sure if they are going to be front and back or just this one side (I will know more after i see the place in person at the end of the month).
This one just shows you the size compared to a 12 inch ruler.
I have not quite worked out how to attach the balloons with out the worry of the card stock ripping other that a small tube (like a straw or something) behind the hand and foot this the string running through those so the balloons them self will be held down with a weight. I will be posting pictures of everything I made all set up after the shower. 

Thank you so much for joining me.
Happy Crafting

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