Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby Shower Small Diaper Cake

Hello everyone how is the month of April treating you so far? So far so good for us, I have the scrapbook convention this weekend (super excited about that), hubby has been on his new schedule for about 2 weeks and he has put is name in for the lead position of his group (so proud of him), and getting all the baby shower stuff done. I am looking forward to next month and seeing the look on my friends face when she sees everything that I have done for her and her family.

So before I get in to this project I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone that follows my blog or subscribe to my YouTube Channel or watches my videos on here and follows me on facebook. It really means lot to me that you have stuck in there even if stuff does not go up or when I only post once a week. I am hoping after the baby shower is over that i will be able to get back to making cards and other projects.

OK now on to today's project. This was so much fun and I love the way it turned out. I now know that 524 diapers was way way way to many (but I think knew that this might be when I bought them but better safe then sorry right) she is getting them all anyway. This one is the smaller one of the two I made (I will post pictures of the other one after the shower i want my friend to be surprised). Still not sure if i want to keep the flower on the top but for now I think it look beautiful if I do say so myself.
Once all the rubber bands are around the diapers I just took my brown, pink, and purple ribbons around the layers to hind the rubber band. I just used glue dots to hold the ribbon in place. 
I used my cricut to cut out the oval and scalloped ovals in brown and pink cardstock to help cover where the ribbon has glued together and just held those on the with glue dots as well. For the bottom and top layers of the cake I used some of the purple ribbon and tied it into a bow and used my We Are Memory Keeper Paper and Ribbon Slot punch with the Making Memory Instant Setter (I will have a picture of each with a link to them at the end) the half circle and just punch the slot so the ribbon would go through to look like i used the purple ribbon and just tied the paper on.
For the middle layer I cut out the baby initials (which until my oldest asked why I cut her initials out I had not realized that they have the same initials) in purple cardstock and just glued them on using my tombow mono. For the base I just went to my local dollar tree and go some white foam board and cut two circles out (one for this cake and one for the other) much cheaper then buying the cake boards.

I think even though I did not add alot of baby items to this it looks great. I cant wait to see everything put together. Now this will be that last post about the baby shower stuff until after the shower. I just want ot make sure that everything gets done and is ready to go. I might post pictures on my facebook page and maybe even on here but i really want everything else to be a suprise for my friend. Thank you all so much and look for my HUGE HAUL video next week. I will share everything I got over the last couple of months and at the Scrapbook Convention.

Happy Crafting

The Instant setter and slot punch i was talking about.
Making Memory Instant Setter

We Are Memory Keeper Paper and Ribbon Slot Punch

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