Monday, December 22, 2014

12 Cards of Christmas 2014 Card 5

Hello everyone, I hope you have all your shopping done? I not only got all my shopping finished on Saturday but everything is wrapped up (with the exception of my husbands gifts (hard to wrap them while he's in the house)). This is the first year all the gifts have not been left to the last minute (aka the night before). But I guess since we are having our Christmas on Tuesday and heading up to my parents on Wednesday evening it did not make since to do it last minute. Now I am sure your saying "why not take them all with you?" my answer to that is we are taking the truck (since even though we have had no problems with the van lately it would be our luck that it would crap out on us on the way there) and we don't have the room in the front or bed of the truck for gifts from all of us plus what ever my parents get us and the kids as well as what Santa might bring them and the suitcases. So we thought (well its hubby's idea) that we open the gifts to each other and then drop Santa a line letting him know where we will be. The kids thought that was a good idea. 

So that brings us to this project. Since we are not going to be here and the month of December just flow by (I am pretty sure at warp speed this year) we did not even decorate the house or tree (even thought we put it up) we have no stocking up. So I thought I would do Soda Bottle Gifts again this year in place of the stocking. I made them last year as a fun way to send my son and his adopted siblings (not sure how to say that it always sounds off when I say is siblings even though they are family) their gift cards. I like that idea so much that same year a made my girls and my nephew ones as well just 2 liter size. I used the penguins for the girls and the reindeer for the boys all from the create a critter cartridges. 
Here are the ones i made for them last year.

I did the same thing again this year but with out the labels. I just used the tree from create a critter 2 cartridge and just hide the face. the Merry Christmas is from tags bags boxes and more 2 and I just used the cricut markers for that. The taller ones are for my son and his brother and sister and this smaller ones is for my best friends daughter (I filled hers with dress up jeweler the taped the bracelets on since the would not fit in the bottle).
These ones are for my girls and my nephew.
 So again not a Christmas card but it still falls in the Christmas category right. I would be happy to show you how I went about filling these bottles (well not these but some different ones lol) just leave me a comment letting me know. 

Thanks so much for joining me and look for the next video.

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting

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