Sunday, September 15, 2013

Small Joann's Haul

Hi everyone. So I decided that I wanted to try and find a tri-pod to film but it needed to work with my flip. I got a small table top tri-pod at Target the other day on clearance and it works OK so far. It took me a little while to find just the right spot so I would not knock it over and so you can still see what is going on. Not sure if this will work for the long term but for not it is just fine. I really like the tri-pod it's universal so it will work with my camera too so not taking pictures of what I make will be that much easier. I think though at some point I am going to have to get a video camera with a auto focus which the flip (or at least my model) does not have.
So to test out the location of my camera I thought I would do a small haul from Joann's. Just some stuff to help me get started with my Halloween card and stuff like that. I maybe having another haul soon, I have a store credit that I used, but I am going to try and put some videos of me making stuff now that I have an easier way of video. So you wont see just haul videos.
Enjoy and Happy Crafting
There are not going to be  any links to anything with this video as I got it all at a Joann's store,

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