Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome to my blog.

Hello and welcome to my blog. I thought I would start off sharing a little bit about myself and what this blog is all about. So lets get started.
My name is Niki. I am married and we have 2 beautiful girls. We live in the great wet northwest. I started scrapbooking back in Jr. High school nothing big just all the picture that I would get when school was over for the year. But I really got into it after I had my son, I was 20 and knew that I could not care for him the way he need so I placed him up for adoption. I do get to see him at least twice a year and his adopted family is amazing could not have asked for a better. So with all the pictures and letters I knew I wanted to keep them around so I could always look back on them to see how he has grown. I now not only have one going for him but I have one going for both my girls, one for myself (pictures my mom took when I was little) and soon to be two for my husband (one for his high school trip to Ireland and one for his Navy days). I even have one for our wedding but have not started it yet.
I also do a little cross stitch (something my mom got me into) even though I have not worked on it in a long while. I did pick up crocheting thanks to my sister, I find this is easier to do with my youngest wanting to always see what I am working on. I have most recently started making party decorations for others. It all started with my good friend Kristina's son birthday. He wanted a cowboy themed party and I offered to make the party invitations for her. So after hours of trying to find something premade I came across a picture of a saloon door and thought that would be perfect. So I printed it out and turned it into a template, once that was done the card came together perfectly. I also made him a sheriff badge as well as some deputy ones too. After that I relived that this was what I wanted to do more of. She then asked me to help with her 30th birthday last year and she want to have a high tea. So with the help of my cricut I helped make some party decorations along with party favors, I did also help her with the food and setup.
So I thought what better way to share my ideas and creativity. My life can sometimes become crazy and stress full and for me locking myself in my craft room listening to music or a movie while I make something is the best way to unwind. I love seeing the looks on peoples faces when I tell them that I made that or hearing their comments about how great something looks. I do hope to one day be able to sell my items and who knows maybe this blog will be the thing that starts that. But for now I am just glad to be able to help inspire other people that they have inspired me. So please feel free to subscribe to this blog and my other links if you want to see more. I plan to share my creations and maybe a little bit of what is going on in my life. I plan to post as often as I can but you never know what life might bring me.
Have a Creative Day 
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