Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just a note.

I thought that I would just drop a little note about why there have been no videos all of a sudden after having some done ( yes I know it has only been two card and a couple of hauls videos). After the craziness of the last one I decided to just take a minute and think about how I really want to go about this.
I am sure some of you have kids and some may not but for me my kids are just always trying to watch/help me make stuff, which I don't always mind but sometimes can be a pain. I have the time to make the videos but getting them edited and a voice over done while my 4 year old is around is hard to do. I know I can just explain what I am doing while making the card but my card always seem to take a long time and even though I like making them I don't want to them to me really long videos.
I am hoping to get back in to things next week. I want the weekend to really get a good since of how I want everything to go (in crafting and in the home). I need to be able to balance everything and I think I just tried doing to much to fast with out a planning (I am a planner) even though it sometimes does not look that way.
I hope that you all will hang in there with me. I look forward to making more cards and other crafty stuff. I want to Thank You for watching my videos and reading my blog.

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