Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Shower Diaper Wreath

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is or has enjoyed their spring break? We had a great time at my parents but the rest of the week at home it rain a lot but that did not stop the kids from wanting to play outside. I did take them to a trampoline place called Sky High (they have floor to ceiling trampolines its a lot of fun) on the last day of our spring break. Now it's back to normal routines getting up to get my oldest ready for school, household chores and hubby is on a new work schedule which will be more fun during the summer time than now but we had this schedule before just takes some getting use too.

Anyways on to today's project. I had worked on this over the weekend and had planed to get this up sooner but you know life. I was able to finish the second part of my pinterest inspired project. It really (if I knew what I was doing) would have only taking me a couple of hours but this in fact took a couple of days from start to finish. The hardest part was changing my original plan once I knew it was not going to work. But never the less I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Now that I know how to make one of these I might be willing to do it again but a bit smaller in size I think. So here it is all finished with the nameplate too.

I used a green styrofoam wreath from Joann's (the green one was cheaper then white) and i just covered it with white seamaid 2 1/2 in ribbon to not only stop any green from showing but to also stop any styrofaom flakes getting on the diapers. I then took my rolled diapers and covered the rubber band with ribbon in the baby shower colors, pink (which is hard to see), brown and purple. Now the way I was going to attach them was but using a long needle and sewing the ribbon through the styrofoam and tying it to the back but the diapers kept slipping out and a knot on the back of the diapers made it hard for them to lay flat. So after a lot of searching the web (well YouTube really this is also why it took me a couple of days) i final realized that the best way to attach them was with hot glue. Now i did have to sleep on this idea but once I realized that my friend was going to be ending up with a ton of diapers (I thought I would need a lot of them so I bought 524 size ones) that if she could not save these 18 diapers that would not leave her stranded. So I only put the hot glue on the ribbon with minimum diaper contact. Once they were attached and cooled I held the whole this upside down to make sure they were stuck on and would not fall off.

I then took some of the purple ribbon and used the needle to make a loop in the back as well as extra on the inside for the nameplate to hang from. I just tied a knot and then hot glued then in place so nothing would move. For the small baby products (I found most of them on clearance in the travel section at my target) I used glue dots to hold the ribbon to the bottles so the would stay put then very very carefully made sure that the hot glue stayed just on the ribbon part and attached them to the ribbon on the diapers.
I did the same for the bottles on the sides but I had to use to rows of ribbon since these took up to diapers. I then used a micro glue dot to attach small bows on the bottles and then made some bows for the other diapers but with longer tails. I thought that this just finished it off. Now i is hard to see (which is a good thing but i want to share it with you) I had to put a piece of the purple ribbon through the middle on the side going across the inside opening behind the nameplate because it kept flipping a round and I just did not like that. So the ribbon is just there to stop that from happening.

I think this is just to cute and cant wait to display it at the shower. I hope this helps give you an idea of how you can make a simple but beautiful diaper wreath. 

Happy Crafting


  1. Simply amazing! The best gift idea I've seen in a while. Great job!