Monday, April 21, 2014

My Biggest Haul Ever 2014

Hello everyone. I know I was suppose to post this last week but thing have been super busy here. We have been trying to get our cable, Internet and phone changed over and that was a pain. Then I started filming all this and would have to stop for one reason or another so a video that would have taken me one day to fill took me 3. But everything is filmed and edited and ready to go. Now it is a long video and I tried to cut out as much as I can but it is still pretty long and for that I am sorry (I did not know how long it was since I had filmed it 3 different days until I edited it together), next time I will make sure to keep the short. I will post links to everyplace I bought stuff not only at the Scrapbook Convention but online as well. I hope you all enjoy and I can't wait to really start use my new goodies.

Links to every place I shopped


At the Scrapbook Convention

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