Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My last Halloween haul.

Hello everyone I wanted to share my last Halloween haul with you before I finish my Halloween Card series. I am cutting it short because I am going to Las Vegas with my hubby for our 10 year anniversary. I am hoping to get 2 cards done (I finished one last night so just hoping to get one more in).
I will post links to the sites that I bought everything at but wanted to let you know that some of this stuff may no longer be available because I was on clearance.
I am looking forward to not only my trip (hubby has never been to Vegas) but also starting my Christmas card series. I am hoping to do a 25 days of Christmas cards, so I am going to be recording them in November but posting them December 1. this way I get them done but don't stress out about having to do any Christmas shopping or life just getting in the way. But between now and then I do plan to post videos of other cards but there is not going to be any kind of rhyme or reason to them just good crafty fun.
Thanks for everything and have a safe and Happy Halloween
Happy Crafting

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