Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why I'm MIA

Long time no see guys. How has everyone's Summer vaction be going? Mine started off slow but then got thrown for a loop. I got a chance to go visit my husband in Japan (I am actually waiting fort flight home as I type this), my parents are taking all of us to California for a week, they wanted to take my youngest there for her birthday and she has no idea. I also have a baby shower for my best friend which is the first Saturday in August. I do have a bit to do and hoping I can get it all done with everything else that's going on. I am so sorry for the lack of videos and I am hoping to get back on a schedule once everything's calms down some mostly not until the end of July though. I do want to thank everyone for hanging in there. I also want to welcome my new subscribers. 

Thank you all
Happy Crafting

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