Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life Update August 2015

Hello everyone. 
Let me first say that this post should have been up 2 weeks ago but you know how life and sometimes get in the way. There may be things in the video I said I would be doing or showing you please forgive me if I forgot. Thank you all for hanging in there it means a lot to me that even thought I have not gotten any videos up in well anywhere from 3 - 6 months you guys still want to see what comes next. I also want to welcome all of my new subscribers on here as well as on YouTube. 

Now lets get on with this post :) I hope everyone had a great summer. It has been just a crazy summer for us. With hubby being gone and the kids out of school (back in June) I thought this will be fine. I then get a call from my dad saying that between July 10 and July 17 we (and when I mean we I mean me, my 2 kids, my parents, my sister and my nephew) are all going to California. I then find out (the same day my dad calls) once hubby has gotten to his hotel that his trip has change and now he will be home on July 17 as well. I tell him what we are doing and he tries to get that time off so he can join us but sadly he was unable to go. A couple of weeks go by, things running OK, and my passport shows up. I knew at the beginning of his trips to Japan that I would have the chance to go, so planing a trip was not a problem but the same day my passport shows up hubby has my trip planed and it was for the next week. Talk about moving fast. Latter that night i sat down to plan out the rest of my summer, oh I think i forgot to mention I have a baby shower to plan as well, so once i marked off the weeks I was going to be gone I could see the I had only 4 days between coming back from japan (we stayed at my parents until Sunday after the 4th of July) and my parents coming down so we could fly out of Portland to head to California. I then only have 2 weeks from the time getting back from California until the baby shower (which i had yet to start on other than plan where is was going to be and the theme). I just could not believe that my summer which had just started was now fully planed out for me. It was nice to see that I had things to do but at the same times it was hard to know that everyone else had made plans for me for my summer (I like having a plan but i do go a bit nuts when it is out of my control) I got over that feel and moved on to the stress of trying to though a baby shower when not at home. Thank goodness I have the Cricut Design Space app on my iPad.

I had a great time in Japan. we did a lot and i mean a lot of walking. I got to see some store that you would never think to find around the states outside of a theme park. There was a store for just the Peanuts, everything you can think of with the peanuts characters on them. They have an electronic store that was like 10 floors and each floor was its own department it was very cool. I got to see the busies intersection, then we had to use that intersection to get back to the train and I feared for my life that I was going to end up back on the side I started because of the mass of people. We then took 3 days and spent them at Tokyo Disney Resort.

 I started off at Tokyo Disneyland, got to see characters that you don't see much of at Disneyland but we only went on a few rides (the park is ever spread out so its not like getting off on ride and finding your self at the line for the next ride) but it was fun to see the difference in the rides. We then checked into our hotel. The room was so cool. After a nap we went back to the park for dinner and the night time shows. The next day we got to have room service (which is something I have always wanted to do) and the food was so good. We then headed off to Tokyo Disney Sea (which is their version of California Adventures) And again we saw characters we don't normal see and they had rides that I wish California would put in. My husband was determined to get me on the Tower of Terror (he thinks i chickened out the last time we where at California Adventures) since the line was long and he was worried that i would back out we got the fast pass and came back to it later that day. We finally get in line for it and go through the story before the ride and I am getting butterflies in my stomach (which happens even if i have been on the ride before) and the closer we get the worse it got. I was about to back out (I started to feel really sick) they opened the doors. Now before I tell you weather or not I liked the ride I should tell you I hate having my butt leave the seat, my feet can dangle, I can go backwards and have my back leave the seat but my butt needs to stay put. So we get on the ride the doors at the top open hubby is telling me to relax and i say I am relaxed we started to go down i feel by butt leave picture snapped and i cant stop screaming. just before the doors open at the end we are in the dark but i am not sure if it is pitch black or if I have blacked out. We get off the ride and go to look at our picture. Hubby decides that her want to get it I say I want no make that need to sit down. I wait for him outside and collect my self I am shaking. He then comes out shows my the picture and asked what I thought. I look at him and said "that was Terrifyingly Awesome lets go again." It was the best trip ever and I am so glad I got to go. This was also my first trip overseas too.
Here is the picture of us on the Tower of Terror (us bottom left) 
Here is one of us on Indiana Jones.

Now our trip to California worked out in the since that July 11 was my youngest birthday and we where going to be doing Disneyland that day (this was not planned just happened to work out) and we kept it a secret until the day before her b-day (mostly because we ended up going into the parking garage and the other two kids asked). We get to the park and all the kids got 1st visit buttons and Drianna got a birthday button too. The first ride that was picked was Star Tours, I had not been on it since they had changed it so i was looking forward (even though I don't like change much i hated when they took out the people movers and the sky buckets) we get off the ride and ask the kids how they liked it. Nephew loved it, my oldest loved it and my youngest looked at us tossed her hand up and yelled "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER" (now i am thinking we are never going to top this). Day 2 was at California Adventures we did Soaring Over California, Grizzly River Run (me and dad got the most wet) and a few others the kids liked. We went to Cars Land and although the line was ridiculous long (75 minutes with not breeze) the ride it self was fun. The kids wanted to do a 4D preview for Antman and we got to see a bit of a parade. Me, my mom, my sister and my oldest went on California Screamin' ( i have been trying to do that ride since the park opened). We then get to Hollywood Tower of Terror my nephew does not want to go and my dad not a fan of elevators so they sit out. Now my youngest was not only tall enough to ride but she wanted to even after we told her what it does. We get up there they separate us so that once on the ride we are sitting all in front. My oldest is sitting next to me the ride takes off there is a dip in the dark (which startled me was not expecting that) then the doors open we can see the park they start to move us take our picture and we go. Once the ride was over I knew (well I knew just after that first drop in the dark) the Summer was not a fan but when we got off she was crying I think the first drop and then to see how high up we got was more then she was expecting. Then her sister gets off walks over to us, I look down and asked if she was ok she looks at me and says " That was so cool and we go again please". We go down to see the picture and decided even thought I don't want my oldest to be upset about crying or freaking out on a ride I could not get over the look on my youngest face (as you will see) it looks like she was leaning over laughing at me and here sister. We get back to my dad and she is telling him how much she likes this ride and my mom comes over to me and asks "is there anything, ride wise, she is scared of?" I think for  minute and say no every ride we have been on she has loved. She was not only a good kid about not whining because she is hot or tried but she never once put up a fight if we told here she could nit ride a ride because she was to short. The other to kids got cranky.
So you know who is who we are in the front row starting on the right with my sister, Drianna, my mom, me then Summer.

We all had a great time but it was nice to be home hubby was home waiting on us. He was able to get the week he was home off and I did some baby shower stuff. He sadly had to leave and me and the kids got ready to head up for the baby shower. But this was not the end of the crazy the day before the shower the mom to be called me and said that she was in the hospital having the baby. I was amazed and she still wanted the shower so we just moved it to the hospital. So other then spending time with her and seeing the new baby there was nothing else. We decorated the room as best we could and brought all the food. We even shared the cookies with the nurses (who came out of the wood work once they heard "you want a cookie". The few pictures I have are going to be on here but like I said we are in a hospital room.
This is the diaper cake I made front and back with the his name. It was hubby's idea to have Superman hold up some diapers like they are building it.

 These where suppose to go on the table clothes on the tables.
 Can you guess what the theme was yet.
 I made a bunch of different sizes so we can have them everywhere.
The baby banner.

Now hubby is home, school will be starting in just a week or so. I can't believe that both the girls are going to be going to school all day. Now i just have to get the house in order and make sure that kids are ready for school. So I may not have any videos up until after school starts but i am hoping that with the free time i will be able to get more videos done and uploaded. I will have a haul video going up hopefully soon ans well as a giveaway so stay tuned for those. Thank you all so much and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Happy Crafting

Oh one more thing we donated the green monster (our van) and got our first new car  It is so nice to not have to worry about the van anymore and to not be stuck at home because I have no car (we dont do well with just one car) 
This is my new car and we call the color Purblue (pur-blue) because it looked purple on the lot but they say it's blue so my oldest decided the color was purblue.

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