Wednesday, June 22, 2016

April Showers Bring May Baby - Baby Shower Pictures

     I really wanted to show off the decorations that my friend Kristina did as well as the ones I made. She did an awesome job on this baby shower and I am so happy she asked me to help. It was so much fun not only helping with the decorations and set up but just being at the shower. 

     I am first going to talk about her decorations. She came up with a great theme April Showers come May baby. The baby's due was in May & she had him about a week or so after the shower. She had some wonderful ideas and I was so happy to help her with her ideas.

     She originally wanted to hang this from the center of the room filled with all kinds of party favors but once it showed up it was bigger (or at least had a longer handle) then she thought it would be. So she decided to hang it in the corner of the room and fill it with light blue balloons. She then took some green and blue streamers and hung them from the umbrella to the other corners of the room. It's hard to see in the pictures but we took some shiny ribbon and cut them to hang off the streamers to look like rain. 

     I had some sign from a previous baby shower that was going to work great with the games she wanted to play. So we set up everything for that here on this table. I will start with the farthest thing. At the end of the table she set out a small bag with some diapers in front of so the guest can add a small note or funny message for the wee hours of the night diaper changes. In the middle is a sign I made and there will be more about that later. On this end of the table is the clothes pins for the don't say baby game.

     I made this sign so everyone can add their names to shower the baby with love. I cut everything out with the Cricut Explore. The elephant is from Zooballoo and the umbrella is from (I believe) Create a Critter. The blanket the elephant is sitting on is just a diamond shape that I adjusted the size and put it on at an angle so it would look like a blanket. I then just sized up a circle and cut in off to look like a hill. I add the umbrella that was used on some of the other decorations.
     This is the finished project with the names of the guests. I add the remaining hearts to fill in the spaces. I really love the way this turned out and so does the mama. 

     I made some umbrella party favors. I used a cone shape from 3D Cones. I add some green dots that I just punched out. I used a paper straw for the handle and the hook is from a cricut cartridge but I can remember where I found it. After filling the umbrella up with candy I used some white tulle and wrapped and just used some sheer blue ribbon.
     I have to say this banner was a pain to make and it was my idea too. I love the way it turned out I just didn't know it was going to be so much work. I used the cricut to cut everything out. I then used some fishing line to hang it all. I just add some tape to the back to hold the line to the cut outs. I know its had to see here but it says welcome on the clouds and baby on the umbrellas. 
     Not that this is any better of a picture but here is the banner hang up at the house we had the baby shower at. She even asked us to leave it up so she had it up to bring baby home to she liked it that much. She posted picture of her other two kids holding the new baby brother sitting under this banner.

     I had so much fun helping with this baby shower and my friend did an amazing job. I was hoping to share the diaper cake she made but I forgot to take a picture of that. But it was an amazing job and her first one. Thank you all for joining me on the special post and I hope you all have a great day.

Happy Crafting

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