Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My plan to improve my YouTube channel and Blog posts 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back.
I wanted to share with you what i am planning to do with my YouTube channel. I have been posting videos on YouTube for 2 years and it was so much fun to find this out at the end of my anniversary month so since Sept. 2013 I have been posting videos and posting here on my blog as well. But after a lot of thing I decided to change the way i was doing things. Clearly just saying I was going to be posting a video was not enough and try to go in my craft room and come up with a card or project was not help either, I have OCD (which can sometimes take over) and I also have a tenancy to over think things so then I would stress about not having something to post and that just made things worst. I think what I have come up with will not only give me a less stressful way to get videos done but I will also be able to plan ahead with ideas instead of trying to come up with them on the spot.

I decided that I will be posting videos Monday thru Friday (leaving Saturday and Sunday to family time) every day will have a different theme. So I am just going to jump right in and explain what you all can expect from me and my channel.

Cut It Out Monday-This is going to be Cricut related stuff only. I will be share my tips and tricks with you, I will be doing some of Cricuts Make It Now projects, cards, and showing you have some of the images get put together.

Tuesday Talks-This is going to be where I just post a video there will be no blog on these days. I will have all kinds of topics like Product Reviews (at the moment just off of things I already own), small hauls (I may still do the bigger hauls, I am trying to be good about not buying anything, but those depending on the size might be its own video, recap/update really just talking about what happened last week and what to expect (maybe even seek peeks) of what is coming up that week). I might even share some planner related items as well as My Life (the ups and downs).

Inspiration Wednesdays-I plan to create things off of things that inspire me weather it is from Pinterest, something I see while I am out and about, color combos or something I saw on a different channel. Credit will always be given as long as I know where this inspiration came from.

Throw Back Thursday with a Twist-I have a few projects that I have done but did not end up on camera and I would love to recreate them ans share them with you. Sometimes I will just add a link with the video talking about an older video if it is not something I can recreate. I would love to try and revamp an old project too. Now I'm sure your wondering what the twist is well that is you my subscribers I would love to hear your ideas on what you would like to see weather it is something you saw on my Facebook page (like a picture) or something you have seen some where and would like to see me make it.This will be a no blog day to but I will list the link to the blog (if there is one) to any of the projects I have already done.

To Die for Friday-I plan on making these videos where the made thing I use are dies. This dose not count dies that have matching stamp sets. Those may still be used but the coloring may already be done so you will be just see the card or project being put together. This can mean that I use a big spellbinders die to make the card base or just have a lot of layers.

So that's it. This is what I am hoping will get more videos up with less stress I mean my craft room is one of my happy places so it does no good for me to be stressed out trying to create right. Thank you all so much for hanging in there with me and I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Oh one more thing you can now also follow me on Instagram @winterwing82

Happy Crafting

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