Friday, April 10, 2015

Update, Haul & GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Hello everyone. I first want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you all for sticking with me and please understand how sorry I am that I have not done anything since my last video. Things here just got crazy with the kids and hubby maybe coming home then finding out he wasn't coming home. Then there was the whole no energy or want to be crafty. Anyways I have made it my goal to craft more and get blog post up weather I have a video or not. Then there was spring break and getting ready for my weekend in Seattle with my sister to go to our very first Convention for Supernatural. I had so much fun. Got a few autographs and me and my sister got our picture taken with our favorite (well top pf our list because they are all our favorites) two actors on the show Misha Collins (he plays Castiel) and Mark Sheppard (he plays Crowley) and that was amazing (I got a little weak in the knees after the picture lol). I would share the pictures with you but there are like 200 that I took. But here is one of my favorites with my sister, I took a selfie of us while Mark Sheppard was walking around and that's him way back there in the gray. We are also sitting in the third row (one seat from the isle) to the left of the stage.

Hubby got to come home a couple of days early and he brought back all kinds of goodies for me and the kids. I also wanted to share a couple of things that I had gotten in the mail that week as well.
I rejoined The Greeting Farm Super Secret Stamp Club again and got this cutey in the mail. I also bought off of one of the facebook groups the Planner Basic stamp set from MFT.

 Here is a look at the stuff my hubby brought back from Japan for me. I was so super excited when he found a store over there that sold copic markers and when I heard the price I could not get my list of the ones I don't have to him fast enough. They are about $3 over there and since I would be saving on the shipping why won't I ask him to buy me some. I took 2 pictures of my list (I figured this would be the fastest and easiest way for him to get the list and he could save the picture to his Ipod to refer back to it with out needing wifi). Before I show you how many he bought I want to show you the cool stuff he got me from Tokyo Disneyland.
He found me some really cool Tinkerbell earrings. 
 The Evil Queen and Maleficent (two of my favorite Disney Villains) little hanging things. These are my favorite items he got me.
 He also got me some really soft Cheshire cat socks. The plates has a small magnet on the back and thought it looked cool. The small gray, black and blue thing is a lightsaber stamp (i could not get a good picture of it up close) I still not sure what it is stamping out other then the word no.

He also got this really cool popcorn bucket (we are going to take it back with us when I go to Japan with him for a week this summer to see if you can just use it again). 
And inside of it was......
Some of the copic makers he bought me. he told me he bought me all but 4 of the markers that was on my list but it turned out he only got half of the list I sent him and this was ll that fit in the bucket the rest was in a green bag. Now I just have to find a way to store all these (and the others once I get them) because the thing I have my markers in now is to small. Here is a look at all the markers.
My hubby is the best. 
 I have 211 subscribers on YouTube and I can not thank you all enough so for this giveaway I have this box and it is going to be full of all kinds of embellishment goodies. Now when I took this picture I was not done finding this to put in it so it will be full when you get it if you are the winner. 
 (This is just showing the size of the box)
This giveaway starts on April 11, 2015 going until April 18, 2015
(I could not change the time in the Rafflecopter yet)

Thank you all so much and Happy Crafting
Now this is the first time I have ever used Rafflecopter so please let me know if this dose not work. 

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  1. I love to go Italy because I love its landscape :)