Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Update, project share & haul.

Hello all. I know it has been a long time since my last video. Things in the house hold got crazy busy.  I would tell you all about it but so much went on that it would just make for a very long blog post. So this is why i did an update video. You will find out just how nuts the last 3-4 months have been. 

I did do a few projects not to many i really was not feeling very crafty after my long tiring days. I help my friends make invites, a banner, as well as a scavenger hunt list for her son's birthday in Oct. I love the way everything turned out too.

Compass Invites

Map Birthday Banner

Scavenger Hunt List

Then for my oldest (her birthday is in Oct as well) She wanted a Frozen themed party and told me about this as i was working on my friends stuff so when i was done with that i only had 1 week until her birthday so we pushed it off to the fallowing weekend so i could get some stuff done but that still was not enough. I made her invites and a banner then i just bought some snowflakes at Joann's for decorations I did make a plastic table cloth door fringe (Pinterest inspired) but like a dunce I forgot to take picture of everything set up so all i have are the pictures of the banner and invites. 


Her Birthday Banner

A closer look at the paper I used

I also made some birthday cards for my son and my nephew

My Son's Birthday Card

Nephew's Birthday Card

 Other then that I really have not be crafting. I did celebrate my 11th anniversary in Oct and to celebrate honey took me to Craft warehouse and then for him we went to game stop as well Powell's  bookstore. 

So I do know how I want to go about getting move videos and project done but I think that might not go into affect until after the first of the year once we know more about what hubby's travel schedule is going to be ( he gets to go to japan for a few month).  I want to say thank you so much for hanging in there I do plan to get more videos up.

Happy Crafting

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