Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Xbox 360 Gane Controller Birthday Card

Hello everyone.
I wanted to share something with you before I go into this card. I don't talk about this to just everyone (well I guess I will now that I am putting this on here) but before I turned 21 I had a baby and put him up for adoption. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life and there are times (even now) that I regret doing this. But it was my choice and I did it for his safety and mine. I get letter and picture all the time and we get to meet up at least twice a year (we can do more but with him in school and my girls finding time that works for everyone is hard to do) and the feeling of regret slowly goes away because I know that the family I placed him with are good people and they take very good care of him. I am sure that some of you might not like what I did but that is fine it was not your choice and I did it for him so please keep any mean comments to yourself. Thank you. Now I am telling you this because this so you have a understanding of why I don't talk about him much. I do include him in everything I do. I have a scrapbook for all the pictures and letters I get, along with the ones I take when we meet to do fun stuff (everyone goes his adopted family and my girls as well as my husband, he has been there from the first time I saw him after the adoption even though he is not his biological father) as well as making cards for his birthday, I also make birthday cards for the rest of his family as well. I love him very much and even though I am watching him grow from a distance I am still proud to call him mine.
So after our last trip to see him this passed summer I had found out that he has been saving his money to buy him self an Xbox 360. I knew that he was into video games so I decided that I would make him a birthday card in the shape of an xbox controller. I used this same template for a fathers day card for my husband and really liked it I just add a bit more detail to this one.

I found the template here and it is free to download. I just printed it out on some 8 1/2 x 11 red cardstock, I find this way much easier the cutting the printer paper and tracing around it this way get all the details too. I then took a piece of white scrap cardstock & used my Grand Calibur along with my Swiss dots embossing folder to give a couple of buttons some texture. I colored over that with my black copic marker & used my 1/2 inch circle punch to punch out two circles for the thumb sticks. Using my C3 & black copic markers to color in the d-pad  and just took my 3/4 inch circle punch to punch that out. I also made a second d-pad so I could pop it up using foam squares cut to size.
For the A, B, X, & Y buttons I used my Magic Matter Disk set the 1/8 size disk and traced around that to get the right size circles for the buttons (I don't have anything that small in the way of a punch or die) I then colored them I used G02 for the A, R29 for the B, B24 for the X and Y15 for the Y buttons. I have some 1/8 inch thick foam dots from EK Tools and I used those to pop up the buttons but I first colored the foam the color of the buttons because the foam does show.  On a different piece of white scrap cardstock I made the logo power button for that I just used G02 and C3 then took my 1/2 inch punch and punched it out. I used my black copic to color in the select and start buttons as well as the small circle around the power button.
I cut out the card and face front with my scissors and used a craft knife for the center space where it folds. I took my Martha Stewart mini score board to help score the card in half then just taped on the front.
For the inside I just used a sentiment for Hero Arts Many Birthday Wishes stamp set and stamped it in Memento black ink. That's it for the card. I did make an envelope with just some place white cardstock and my big Martha Stewart score board. The paper was 7x7 and I score the long side at 3 inch and the short at2 1/8 inch and after double checking that the card would fit I used some red line tape to close it since I was mailing.
That's it just a fun & easy card to make. Thanks for joining me and see you next time
Happy Crafting

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